Mariya Arts And Science College, Deoli, Dist. Wardha

Teaching Faculty of Arts


The Department of ‘Marathi’ started in the college in 2018 . Marathi which every student how to learn as a subject is called Compulsory Marathi. The Department has been providing the undergraduate student the basic skills of Marathi along with some knowledge of its literature. Marathi literature is offered to the B.A & B.Sc first year student.

Prof. Vishakha M. Lohakare

Assistant Professor H.O.D.
  • M.A (Marathi) , B.Ed ,NET , M.Lib.
  • Research specification: M.Phill
  • Contact No: 7620349526
  • Email.Id:


The Department of ‘English’ started in the college in 2018 . The college has been providing the undergraduate students basic skills of the language. English at the undergraduate levels is known as compulsory English. The instruction runs undergraduate courses in B.A. & B.Sc . B.A degree has one paper is of the subject for all the three years. Compulsory English for B.Sc. first year only.

Prof. Priti V. Meshram

Assistant Professor H.O.D.
  • M.A (English,Sociology) , B.Ed
  • SET(English) , NET(English)
  • Contact No: 9561941477, 7972826964
  • Email.Id:

Political Science

The Department of ‘Political Science’ started in the college in 2018 . Political science is a social science dealing with systems of governance and power and the analysis of political activities, political institutions, political thoughts , behavior and associated constitution and laws.

Prof. Siddharth S. Wankhade

Assistant Professor
  • M.A (Political Sci.), M.Ed.
  • SET (Political Sci.)
  • Contact No: 9284780955
  • Email.Id:


The Department of ‘Economics’ started in the college in 2018. Economics is the study of scarcity and its implications for the use of resourses production of goods and services growth of production and welfare overtime and the great variety of other complex issues of vital concerns to society.

Prof. Vikas S. Nakhale

Assistant Professor
  • M.A ( Economics, Marathi, Sociology) , B.Ed.
  • Contact No: 9922639820
  • Email.Id:



The Department of ‘History’ started in the college in 2018. History is a way recreating the past. so that it can be studied in the present and re-interpret for future. Since humans are the sole beneficiaries of history. It is important for us to know what the purpose of history and how historians include their own perspectives concerning historical events.

Prof. Sunil R. Tembhare

Assistant Professor H.O.D.
  • M.A(History , Economics) , NET(His.
  • Contact No: 9372910469
  • Email.Id: